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In 2013, their annual security report said the "vast majority of web malware encounters actually occur via legitimate browsing of mainstream websites." With cyberattacks and identity theft on the rise, you and your company must always take precautions to protect yourself, your employees and your clients. Boost IT can help protect your network and data while improving your browsing experience. The same dangers exist whether it’s your desktop, mobile phone, tablet or other devices.

  • Governments and banks have provided guidelines about how to recognize phishers.
  • We should firmly deal with the crime of phishing, but not forget how much easier our life has become now that we can do our financial business online and via bank cards.
  • However, there have been many campaigns that raise awareness about phishing.

The methods differ, but the end result is often the same – the exploitation of advertisements and otherwise innocent links to infect our devices with malware, including banner ads on otherwise safe websites. Add-ons and browser extensions are now the top source of malware infections, with Facebook scam links the third biggest; Trojans account for the majority of other malware infections. There are, according to Cisco, two or three strong possibilities.

Websites within some of these categories are often more likely to harbour malicious software such as adware and spyware too. But parental control, or family protection, software can be utilised by anyone wanting to keep their experience of the Internet enjoyable and trouble free. AVG Secure Search warns if we attempt to visit a dangerous site, preventing the page from opening.

However, we can run these programs manually at any time too. Secondly, it’s more likely that we’re at risk from malicious software by being scammed into downloading and installing it ourselves. Unfortunately, it’s pretty difficult to avoid it completely, but we can stay protected. Keeping our operating system and programs up to date and, you guessed it, installing and updating anti-virus software will go a long way to guarding users against such threats.

Generally speaking, whilst running the built-in update programs will check for updates on most installed software, it’s always worth running these separately within anti-virus programs. It will take a while the first time – there are likely to be a lot of updates to install – but once the initial round of updates is done, it should only take a few minutes at most in the future. If we’re using an old computer, or we haven’t connected to the Internet in a while or ever, the computer won’t have been able to download any of the released patches or security updates. Both Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OSX generally come with updates set to download, or certainly notify us, automatically.

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We’ll be protected if we enter the web address into our browser, navigate to a website via a search engine or social media site, or whenever a program opens our web browser. People who don’t have either of the programs mentioned above can use the online version of Safe Search, powered by Ask.com, and available here. It’s a really useful and easy way to add confidence to using search engines and knowing that the sites we visit are safe. While not available for Mac OSX, Windows users with Norton 360 or Norton zenmate Internet Security can take advantage of Norton’s free software, Safe Search.

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Install protection from viruses and malware on all devices and use the same high level of caution to protect against phishing when you click or open an email for every device you use. The wrong web address to a site can infect your hardware and steal sensitive information. We have a number of tips for practicing safe browsing to reduce your risk of an attack.


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