What is a Research Proposal?

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What Are the Contents of a Research Proposal?

Before getting into what a research proposal is, it is best first to understand what a research project is. This is a long project that will involve a lot of research. During the project, the student will get to conduct in-depth research on a topic of their choice or their instructor’s choosing. The student then has to present the findings of the research as a proposal to the professor for approval. This project is essential as it helps improve a student’s grade. The student gets a chance to showcase their analysis skills, analytical know-how, and their communication skills.

What Are the Main Contents of a Research Proposal?

The proposal starts with an introduction. The introduction gives a brief description of the paper, its relevance, and why research proposal is needed. The second part is a literature review. This part should provide a summary of all the previous research related to the chosen topic. The third part is a methodology section. In this section, the student explains the steps they will take when collecting data and why it is necessary to collect said data. The fourth part is a discussion section. In this section, the student has to explain to the reader what they have researched and why it is important. Lastly, the student will provide a conclusion for the proposal.

How Long Does it Take to Craft a Research Proposal?

Typically, research takes time. The professor needs to be informed about what you have planned for your project. Furthermore, you will be required to do a lot of research and download a lot of data from the internet. This may all take time, hence the need to have a research proposal. It would be best if you understood that a research proposal is a document prepared to convince your professor that the research project is necessary. Furthermore, the proposal needs to be convincing since it shows the plan of action that the student will undertake once they receive approval for the project.

What Are the Components of a Good Research Proposal?

Here is a https://scholarscompass.vcu.edu/medc_pubs/7/ breakdown of all the main components that make up a research proposal:

  • Title

The title should communicate to the reader what the proposal is about. The title writing a movie review should be simple, clear, and accurate.

  • Abstract

This part should be about 300 words long. It is a summary of the proposal that shows the student’s reaction to the topic and what they aim to achieve once the research is approved.

  • Research questions

The research questions should always be stated in point form in the proposal. The question is crucial as it helps the reader understand what the research is all about. It is always advisable to have more than one research question. Having a research question helps guide the student on where to research for more information since every research has a topic.

  • Methodology

In this section, the student has to show the steps they will take when collecting data. It should be part of the proposal where the student explains why they choose a specific method to collect data.

  • Bibliography

In this section, all the sources of information the student used to build their proposal are cited. It is always advisable to include the references in the bibliography in the correct order.

  • Appendices

In this last section of the proposal, the student is expected to explain all the modifications made to the proposal as it relates to the original research. This should be done in point form.

A research proposal is a document prepared to convince your professor that the research needed is a good idea. This takes a lot of time and a lot of effort. With the right preparation, you can have your research proposal accepted and start working on your research project.


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